Get Back the Most Money When Selling Your Home  

When you sell your home, you want to get the highest return, right? Yes! Those of you who are considering selling your home may have realized that this may be easier said than done. At the end of the day, your home’s value is determined by the amount of money a buyer is willing to pay for your home, in alliance with the market and other homes they have seen. Use these tips to impress your potential buyers and end up getting the top dollar for your home:

Give Your Home A Good First Impression

Potential buyers need to be impressed by your home from the second they pull up in the car to see it. This puts a lot of weight on curb appeal. Consider investing in a new mailbox and make sure to maintain your lawn regularly.  Different flowers and pops of color are nice, but do not go crazy.

Deep Clean Your New Jersey Home

Along with curb appeal, you want to impress your viewers from the start by making sure the interior of your home is looking its best! To do this, you want to make sure everything is as clean as can be. You may consider hiring professional cleaners or if you prefer to do it, the choice is yours. Look for dirt and dust build up in the corners and on your blinds etc. This is also a prime time to remove any cobwebs. Don’t lose potential buyers’ interest by scaring them away with a dirty house.

Does Your NJ Home Need Painting or Repair?

Another way to enhance your home’s cleanliness and appeal is to paint the walls. Having fresh paint makes your home feel fresh and clean, almost instantly! This will impress home buyers and help you sell your home faster and for more money. Along with painting, you want to make any necessary repairs, like cracked grout in the bathroom, loose door knobs, cracked tile, loose wallpaper, or any other minor flaws. These will stick out to buyers and cause them to lower their offer.

Keep Your Home Neat and Orderly

One of the biggest turn-offs for buyers is a cluttered house. If you are in the process of moving and packing your things, stack boxes in an orderly fashion and make the home look orderly. Throw away any loose and old mail that you do not need and put things in their designated spaces. Don’t let potential buyers enter your home unless it is clean, neat, and orderly, to ensure getting the highest price for your home.

Kitchens and Bathrooms are Important in NJ Market

Add value to your NJ homeWhen purchasing a home, most buyers put a lot of weight on the kitchen and bathrooms. If you are considering where to invest money to get the highest return on your property, invest in your kitchen and bathrooms. If you do not have a whole lot of extra money to spend, make sure to caulk the bathtub and shower areas and re-grout and replace any broken tiles. Repair it so that it looks good as new.   

Enhance Storage Areas in Your Home

As you probably know, storage is of high concern to many home buyers. Enhance the storage spaces in your home by removing items to they look even bigger.  For example, remove clothes from your closet to show off the amount of space that is there, not let it looked crammed with all of your clothes taking up room.

Let the Light Shine on Your New Jersey Property

When showing your home, make sure it is as welcoming and inviting as possible. An easy way to do this is by opening all of the blinds, shades, or curtains to show how warm your home is. Also, another tip is to turn on all the lights, to enhance the light and warmth of your home.

Leave it to the Expert: Call Jackie Safran Today!

For more tips on getting the most return, contact me, Jackie Safran, your NJ real estate professional. Also, use these seller resources to learn the value of your home and to see neighborhood sold reports to help you determine to right price for your property. 


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